bulk excavation

Bulk excavation

At 365 Group, we undertake a range of excavation and earthmoving projects for clients across the country.

Our service is completely comprehensive, starting with an initial site visit and consultation, and finishing with a finalised excavation and completed ground profile. We can carry out bulk excavation for a range of reasons, such as the purposes of redevelopment and planning, or to address the removal of hazardous substances.

Using state of the art equipment complete with satellite guidance, we can remove large amounts of earth quickly and safely. To determine the best method of doing this in a way that is cost-effective and wholly compliant with government health and safety regulations, we’ll start with a preliminary survey of the site to calculate the requirements. From there, we can arrange removal of any surface obstacles along with a full excavation, with plans in place to ensure the removed material is re-used in a way that is environmentally friendly wherever possible.

Our excavation services

At 365 Group, we can provide:

  • Site surveying and preparation
  • Transport and logistics organisation
  • Excavated site material removal and reuse
  • Contamination testing
  • Safe removal of any contaminants/hazardous substances unearthed during the job

Furthermore, throughout each excavation job, clients benefit from our expert on-site project management and ongoing support. To request more information, call today.


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