form work

What is Formwork?

Formwork refers to the moulding of temporary structures that will hold fluid concrete and form it into the required shape.

This formwork will remain in place until the concrete has dried and filled the correct specs in order to become self-supporting. An essential part of the construction process, formwork is integral to creating self-supporting structures, whether carried out with the use of concrete or other newer materials such as fiberglass or plastic.

Our qualified experts can provide a range formwork services, starting at the planning stage from the initial calculations and measurements through to the delivery and installation. We have many years of experience working with cranes and concrete pumping that can ensure a smooth and structurally-sound end result.

What do we provide?

At 365 Group, we specialise in many different types of formwork, including:

  • Foundation formwork erection
  • Corrective formwork
  • Circular formwork
  • Project management
  • Pre-fabricated formwork
  • Slab formwork

We can also provide assistance with dismantling formwork. Our experienced team can help create what you need based on your requirements, and can provide assistance when dealing with formwork across a wide range of buildings, including even the most complex structures.

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