About The 365 Group

The 365 Group has been founded by people with vast global experience in solar and semiconductor industry and belonging to institutes like the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). We have worked on large scale PV Array installations (3MW+) down to simple LED installations. Alongside the luminaires we also produce a range of high quality galvanised steel columns and high mast products that have been installed around the globe in conjunction with some very high profile international companies.

We strive for excellence within a very competitive market. We operate a customer first policy which we believe gives us the edge when it comes to managing expectations. Our management team is dedicated and thorough, everything you would expect from young and thriving enterprise.

We have full partnership with British Engineering within the company,

Over the past couple of years, The 365 Group has been in partnership with Al Seraj Modern Technology in Oman, we utilise the same core management structure, manufacturing base and commercial knowledge. This model has proven successful in the UK and has allowed The 365 Group to grow to what it is today.

Mr Saadon who is the Executive General Manager of Al Seraj Modern Technology in Muscat (Sultanate of Oman) deals with day to day business in Oman and is expected to expand the business to the whole of the GCC and even further into Africa over the next two years.


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