Domestic construction

Our engineers can help with domestic building projects of all sizes, adhering to local zoning laws and building restrictions to help you create a compliant, energy-efficient and visually stunning building.

Every domestic project is different, which is why we’ll take the time to craft a bespoke proposal for each individual building so that all the needs are met. Whether you are building that perfect forever family home, a unit specifically to let out or any other domestic building, our engineers will take the time to ensure your project is developed with safety, quality and efficiency in mind.

Civil engineering for domestic builds

At 365 Group, we focus on not only the technical aspect of the build, but also on giving bespoke property projects a personal touch. Our modern approach can help you create a beautiful space to spec, incorporating energy-saving features where possible to lessen the cost of living in your new building. We can assist with jobs such as:

  • Brand-new developments
  • Repair work
  • Extensions and loft conversions
  • Structural alterations
  • Property refurbishment
  • In addition to providing support from the initial phases through to the completion of a new project, we can also help with renewals and repairs to existing domestic structures.

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