electric vehicle charging points

Electric vehicle charging points

The 365 Group along with partners such as British Gas and Actemium (Vinci) has installed a huge network of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for many of the household OEM names, such as Renault, Nissan, Volvo, DBT. We have installed the whole of the Tesla supercharger network throughout the UK, we provide everything from surveys to final connections and testing.

The 365 Group has won the Green Streets Award for the UK.

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and so there is a growing need to have charging points installed at home and in places of work.

We can install electric vehicle chargers (EVCs) for domestic properties as well as in commercial car parks for those businesses who want to encourage the use of electric cars. These charging points are not only compliant with the necessary safety regulations, but also incredibly easy to use, making them the smart solution for anyone who drives an electric vehicle.

Installing chargers for EVs

At 365 Group, we aim to make it as easy as possible to arrange the installation of an electric charging point.

With an increasing focus on sustainability, it’s now more important than ever to consider ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Using an electric vehicle is an excellent way to limit your environmental impact, and with the safe and swift installation of charging points, it is now easy to be able to charge your car as needed. Some government funding is available by means of an OLEV Grant too, through which you will receive £500 towards the installation of your home charging point.

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